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In Stock Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat Gas Portable Heater



A New Era in Portable Gas Heating.

The Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable Gas Radiant Heater is the synthesis of cutting edge design, world first engineering and practical functionality.

Consistent with Bromic Heating's vision for industry innovation, the Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable takes relocatable gas heating to the next level with its efficiency and effectiveness - unparalleled in today's market.


  • Ignition: 1.5V Battery activated repetitive spark ignition
  • Adjustable Heat Output: 21,300 - 38,500 BTUs
  • Gas Type: LPG
  • Gas Supply: Gas Cylinder not included
  • Safety features: Flame Failure & Anti-Tilt Safety Device
  • Gas Supply Pressure: 11"wc


  • Heat Output: With coverage of up to 215 sq. ft., the Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable delivers a widespread heat field of upto 13ft wide and 16.5ft deep.
  • Versatility: Unique and patented adjustable heat control ensures comfortable heat.
  • Efficiency: High intensity ceramic burner, delivering optimal heat with minimal heat loss.
  • Wind Resistance: Specifically built to provide constant and consistent heat in any environment at wind speeds up to 8mph.
  • Directional Heat: Innovative adjustable tilting head ensures warmth goes exactly where it is needed.
  • Modular Design: Functional and pragmatic, the Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable can easily be assembled, dismantled and stored.
  • Manuverability: Anti-tilt structure with built-in wheels for easy movement.
  • Soft Touch Ignite: Battery activated repetitive spark ignition.
  • Warranty: 1 Year parts


  • Height: 85"
  • Width: 19"
  • Depth: 27"
  • Weight (excluding cylinder): 123.5 lbs

Minimum Installation Clearances:

  • Height: 36"
  • Front / Sides: 36"
  • Back: 12"